Revenue Services Division


The primary goal of Revenue Services is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all Revenue Programs; to develop and analyze measures that promote fiscal sustainability by monitoring, protecting and increasing City resources.  The mission is to provide superior customer service by administering billings, cash controls and collection of City revenues, including: business licenses, miscellaneous accounts receivable, central cashiering, animal licenses, parking citation payments, digital check scanning and daily deposits, collections, transient occupancy tax from hotels and vacation rentals, and residential/commercial water and refuse service billings.  Revenue Services staff also administers the taxi cab franchise program, motion picture film coordination within the City, and is responsible for the analysis and creation of the City-wide user fees and cost allocation plan.  The Division collects Senate Bill 1186 State fees for disability access education. Revenue Services also coordinates the lease of City commercial parking lot spaces to local merchants, manages the residential overnight parking program and override parking programs.  The Division prepares the annual possessory interest report to the Los Angeles County Assessor. 

Finance accepts cash, check, and MasterCard, Visa, ATM and American Express credit cards for over-the-counter payments. Visa and MasterCard payments can be made On-Line for water/refuse bills and parking citations.

For city-wide topic discussion and input, including parking, visit the Open City Hall forum.

The major functions within this division include:

Payment Drop Box:

Payment Drop BoxThe City has two payment drop boxes available for your City Hall payments.

Conveniently located in the City Hall parking lot (adjacent to the Library book drop box) and in the Downtown Post Office drive-thru, these stainless steel drop boxes are available 24-hours a day, no postage required, for your water/trash, parking citation, business license renewal and animal license renewal payments.

As a reminder, please be sure to reference your account number on your check and DO NOT use cash in the drop box.

Please contact the City Hall Cashier at (310) 802-5550 for additional information.